Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets – Buyer’s Reviews


Every guitarist tends to start off with a small practice amp with a low wattage at first, and while it feels and sounds great at the start, there’s a natural need to move on at some point.

There may be no better way to enter the world of “big boy” amplification than getting yourself a 2×12 cabinet. In effort to get you on the right path, the following paragraphs will detail top 5 best 2×12 guitar cabinets available.

Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets 2019 Comparison Table:

#1Seismic Audio - Empty 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET4.7 Check Price
#2Seismic Audio - 12" GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET4.4 Check Price
#3Seismic Audio - 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET4.4 Check Price
#4Laney Amps CUB All TUBE Series CUB 12R4.4 Check Price
#5Yamaha THRC212 300W 2x12" Cabinet3.9 Check Price

#1 Seismic Audio Empty 212 SA-212Empty Model

First up is Seismic Audio’s SA-212Empty, an obviously empty cab that allows you to load in any speakers and woofers that your heart may desire.

This is a sturdy model with great materials including a 5/8 plywood panel, recessed metal handles, black metal corners, and matching black carpeting.

Putting in the speakers you choose is fairly simple, but if you happen to need a bit help, there are plenty of diagrams and guides available online.

It’d be nice if the product came with that itself, but it isn’t a deal breaker. At last, this model makes for a solid choice overall.


Another of the 2×12 guitar cabinet choices is the Luke-2x12C model from Seismic Audio. The materials are fantastic for the price however.

The construction includes the following: 7 ply birch wood, a black cloth grill, black tolex, and metal corners.

The grill is also easily removable, enabling you to front load the speakers. You’re going to get all the wire you need to hook them up as well.

Despite the hefty appearance, the cab is also fairly light on its own; it comes in at only 37 pounds. The only real downside will come from user error.

If you don’t keep the inputs clean, they may be prone to rust over time. It should go without saying, but be sure to take care of this model well if you go for it.

#3 Seismic Audio – 212 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET EMPTY – 7 Ply Birch

Seismic Audio has another great 7 ply birch model with the Luke-2x12TR. This is very similar to the previous model, and it even comes in at the same retail cost.

The main difference here is a decidedly more retro looking wheat colored grill. The doom and gloom sometimes associated with all black equipment might match your style.

While they shouldn’t matter as much as they do, at the end of the day everyone is at least a little concerned with the aesthetics of their guitar equipment.

There’s no easier way to feel cool than having cool equipment! The Luke-2x12TR would pair wonderfully with a dinged up old strat and a curly guitar cable. Of course, the build quality is just as solid here as with the Luke-2x12C.

#4 Laney Amps CUB All Tube Series CUB-CAB

Now, a new contender enters the ring! Laney Amps is another great company and the All Tube series has offered up another sleek retro looking model with the CUB-CAB.

Best of all, you get Celestion speakers. This is perfect for the type that likes to plug right in with as little preparation necessary.

Of course, you can still put in your own speakers if that is indeed your preference. At 100 watts, the CUB-CAB should also give you enough power to perform in a studio setting or a smaller venue if gigging is something you’re interested in.

The only potential downside is the open back, which might not give you quite as much attack or low end as you want.

#5 Yamaha THRC212 300W 2×12″ Cabinet

Last but not least in the list of the 5 best 2×12 guitar cabinets is Yamah’s THRC212, a beastly 300 watt model. This is only for the guitarist with a thick wallet. Unlike the Laney amp above, this Yamaha also has a closed back design.

It’s a nice modern looking cabinet as well, with some serious quality put into its construction and overall design sensibilities.

If you want something that’s relatively small and easy enough to move around but still able to pack a punch, this will likely serve you well provided you’re able to deal with the price tag.

Proper Use & Care

To make sure that your guitar cabinets stay in good shape, make sure to run a gentle brush duster over them now and then. You should also try to keep them in an air conditioned room, away from the sun to avoid the moisture effecting any of the internal components or fading the outer appearance of the cabs.

Take create care when moving them around as well; this is very much the kind of gear you want to lift with your book in effort to avoid hurting yourself or getting a poor enough grip to drop the cab and cause any damage.

Guitar equipment doesn’t grow on trees of course, so treat whichever model you decide to purchase with the utmost care!

With that, you should have everything you need to pick from one of the 2×12 guitar cabinets currently on the market.

Seismic Audio, Laney Amps, and Yamaha have all been in the game for some time, and their products have been put through the ringer by many a player at this point.

They’ll serve you well either in your bedroom, home studio, recording suite, or out on the road. Whatever your particular need for a cabinet may be, as well as your own personal budget, will factor in to whichever you decide upon.

With this guide in your back pocket however, you’ll be sure to make the right choice. With proper care, you and your new guitar cabinet will likely be together, putting sweet sounds out into the world for many years to come.

Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets – Buyer’s Reviews
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