Best Car Subwoofers – Buyer’s Guide


Subwoofers are the large highly effective audio system generally discovered within the trunk to supply the bass. Subwoofers hit the tremendous low bass that your typical 6.5 speakers and 6×9 speakers can’t hit.

Actually don’t have a stereo system with out certainly one of these. They actually make an enormous distinction and it places an entire new feeling into music in your automobile.

So when you’re searching for greatest offers on reviewed subwoofers for the cash and sound, that is the place for you! With out additional due, listed below are the highest rated greatest automotive subwoofers in the marketplace.

Best Car Subwoofer Comparison Table:

#1Audiobahn TQ10DF3.9 Check Price
#2YST-SW2164.4 Check Price
#3JBL Sub 550P4.2 Check Price
#4Sony SA-W3000/Z Subwoofer3.9 Check Price
#5Infinity Basslink3.3 Check Price

#1 Pioneer TS-SWX251 Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SWX251 is a 10 inch flat subwoofer that is perfect for medium-sized cars. It has an enclosure designed for compact spaces, and it works perfectly with minivan cargos, medium-sized SUVs and such.

Given its flat design, the this Pioneer sub can be easily installed under the seats where it is virtually invisible. Let’s take a closer look at the features, specifications, pros and cons of this popular sub, and see if we can help you decide whether this is the best type for your car.

Features And Specifications

The maximum power of this flat subwoofer is of 800 Watts and it weighs no more than 20 pounds. With a 89 dB sensitivity and a 4 ohm impedance, the Pioneer TS-SWX251 is a great addition to your mini-truck – also, the dimensions of the unit are 18 x 12 x 29 inches, and the flat box is able to deliver a frequency response that ranges anywhere between 20 Hz and 114 Hz.

The Pros

One of the most important benefits of this subwoofer is the fact that it comes with a revolutionary and ultra shallow enclosure design that allows you to freely install it in the luggage area or even in the cabin.

This makes the TS-SWX251 very space-effective and easy to handle, and it is very convenient for a variety of different trucks, from extended to crew cab trucks.

Overall, this sub is optimized to deliver a strong and powerful bass regardless of the position, as you can mount it either vertically on the side of the car or horizontally, under the seats if you plan to conceal it.

It also comes with an innovative air suspension control system (very cool!) that is especially designed to deliver impeccable bass – everything relies on the technology implemented by Pioneer which involves an air suspension system that traps the air between the drive and the main cone, thus delivering better sound linearity while increasing the life span of the subwoofer at the same time.

The Cons

As it happens with just about any subwoofer on the market, this one has its downsides as well. For instance, some say that the sound clarity is affected when you use it at low volumes, and that there is a bothersome level of distortion interfering with the sound.


To sum it all up, the Pioneer TS-SWX251 comes with a great price/quality ratio, and if you are looking for a cost-effective yet feature-rich subr for your mini van or pick-up truck, then by all means this should turn out be a great investment.

#2 YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Black

Are you looking for ways to add some excitement to your music and home theater system? There are dozens of interesting options available on the market. However, the Yamaha YST-SW215BL Subwoofer comes with features and capabilities you will certainly find interesting.Technical SpecsThis is a wired active subwoofer which comes with a nominal 50 watt power output and about 100 watt maximum power output.

The woofer size measures 10 inches and comes with an integrated audio amplifier. Enjoy high dynamic power without the annoying noise. The advanced YST II makes the Yamaha YST-SW216BL Subwoofer operates with low noise setting the standard for many subwoofers in the same class level. Other high level features include the linear port and the beautiful front firing design.

What makes the advanced YST II a much desired feature? This system provides both the speaker and the amplifier the capability to work hand in hand in order to terminate any impedance. This permits the speaker unit to perform an ideal linear motion. Moreover, this special feature provides the most desirable level of sound pressure resulting to superb overall performance.

Thanks to the YST II active servo technology you can now enjoy truly rich and powerful base every time you turn on your home theater system. Expect proper optimization of the system’s overall performance while offering a balanced effect all throughout the audio area.Enjoy less bass distortion and an exciting complete bass effect, thanks to the subwoofer’s front firing design.

Additionally, this provides more thundering sustains while allowing you to enjoy exciting realistic effects. Anyone who wants to enjoy a wide spectrum and exciting sound experience with little or no sound distortion and interference may very well consider getting one.

If you hate noise interference when placing a woofer alongside electronic appliances then you’ll love the Yamaha YST-SW216BL which comes with a magnetically shielded long stroke cone driver. Forget about noise interference even if you place this near an appliance unit and completely enjoy brilliant sound clarity.

This allows you to incorporate the subwoofer with your existing home décor more quickly and easily. The unit’s contemporary design will blend perfectly well with any types of home décor. Enjoy your favorite music with higher level of sophistication. Give your movies and games more life and thrill with real trembling bass power.

A lot of buyers find this a perfect match for their home theater system with a quick feedback mechanism for better crisp sound. The small magnetically shielded 10″ size is perfect to place anywhere even close to the TV without interference. This is considerably an inexpensive subwoofer which offers more for your money.

This is the perfect bass solution for people who want to enjoy more sophisticated sound with less distortion. Installation is quick and easy allowing you to enjoy beautiful sound more quickly.Finally, the Yamaha YST-SW216BL Subwoofer optimum performance comes with a nice, low price tag.

This is not only perfect for any home theater system but also a well built and versatile subwoofer for any type of sound and music. Enjoy a soothing and relaxing time listening to music or a thrilling movie night with the subwoofer’s smooth sounding low extension.

#3 JBL Sub 550P High-Performance 10″ Powered Subwoofer

Forget everything you know about home theater systems because this amazing 400 watt subwoofer will blow you away with superior quality sound and enough bass to rattle your windows and shake your living room as you watch explosions during movies.

The JBL ES250PBK subwoofer is a high quality product considering how powerful it is. And JBL has always been a trusted and reliable company when it comes to home theatre systems so you know you will be getting a product that will hold up and deliver the sound quality you’ve always wanted from your home system.

The JBL Subwoofer ES250PBK has some amazing features. The computer optimized bass reflex port provides you with deeper bass and less turbulence so that there is no annoying “booming” sound during action movies when there is an explosion or any other powerful noise that would cause any other audio system to sound distorted. The JBL Subwoofer retains its crystal clear sound throughout the entire movie. Sound distortion occurs less due to the use of premium components.

All products that are featured in the JBL ES series use cellulose-fiber cones that have been reinforced with a polymer coating for uniform pistonic motion.Giving you a professional pulsating sound that you can not find with any other sound system. This JBL subwoofer gives off a solid sound that many people also use as a music only speaker system.

Not only do the JBL Subwoofer give you superior sound quality, it also has a style that will match any home’s decor and it is designed to look great anywhere with a great style that equals its performance. The subwoofer is available in either black or cherry and it measures 1.64 inches in height and 1.31 inches in width.

If you take a moment to read the reviews on this item, you will find that it has received one 5-star review after another where customers continuously praise the product for its amazing sound quality, unbelievable bass effect without any distortion to the audio and spectacular price that is much lower that products that only do half the job the JBL ES250PBK can do.

You’ll be glad you gave this subwoofer a try once you have added it to your existing home theater system. Watching movies or listening to your favorite music will never be the same once you’ve heard explosive bass and smooth, clear audio from the JBL ES series subwoofer.

#4 Sony SA-W3000/Z Subwoofer

The Sony SA-W3000 uses motion feedback technology to produce some very beep bass at an affordable price. It is aethetically pleasing with a very imposing 12″ speaker and thick rubber contour molded to the mica-reinforced cabinet, giving it a solid look.

Weighing in at about 35 lbs, this unit includes a Level Control, Phase Switch, and Bass Drivers (Bass Reflex Design), and has a frequency response of 20-200Hz. It’s a simple, straightforward subwoofer that overdelivers.

With speaker and line level inputs, this subwoofer makes the music come alive and elevates the movie-watching experience to theater-like levels. You get to “feel” your movies, not just watch them!

Here are some great features of the Sony SA-W3000:

  • 12″ 180-Watt powered subwoofer
  • Mica-reinforced cellular woofer construction
  • Motion feedback technology
  • Speaker and line level inputs
  • R 100 watts, Minimum RMA Power, with no more than 1% THD from 250 Milliwatts to rated output.

So if you’re considering taking your home movie experience to the next level, I would highly recommend this great quality subwoofer. There’s little that can make a film as physically real as good, deep bass to get that visceral experience.

#5 Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a single 10 inch subwoofer that delivers big bass at one of the lowest prices anywhere. It measures just over a foot across (14 x 14.38 x 16.12 inches, to be exact) and is equipped with a 10 inch polymer composite cone driver.

This subwoofer is designed to fill out the bottom end of your home theater system, taking the bass load off your system’s main speakers so they can concentrate on reproducing the mid and high frequencies.

When the bass is left to a designated subwoofer, the difference in sound can be huge and the way you experience movies and music will change.

What’s not to like?

This is a great starter model: not too expensive and yet high on quality. However, some customers have complained that this subwoofer is better at handling music than movies. While this may be true, remember that movie sound is very different from music: it does not come at you in a steady, consistent stream.

The audio patterns in movies go up and down much more aggressively than in music in both volume and frequency. The result is that the sense of being enveloped by sound is not as strong when watching films as it is when listening to music.

Here are some great features of the Polk Audio PSW10:

  • 10 inch Dynamic Balance® Woofer
  • Intelligent Amplifier
  • Compact Non-resonant Cabinet
  • Laser-based Klippel measurement technology for improved linearity and deep, precise sound

This subwoofer definitely has a great, sleek look with a metal face that gives it a special character. The majority of subwoofers on the market are black so if you like to style it a little differently, you’ll be happy to know that this one breaks away from the pack.

Best Car Subwoofers 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide:

Kinds of Car Subwoofers

Subwoofers play a essential function in your automotive audio system and music generally. They produce sure ranges of sounds and are the one subwoofer communicate can. General, they full the expertise of listening to music. Anyway, listed here are the several types of subwoofers to select from.

Subwoofer Drivers

These are your commonest subwoofer that delivers the most effective outcomes and bass. They have to be in an enclosed field to operate. Someday you should purchase them in a field already or have purchase a separate field that may suit your 8″, 10″, 12″ and even an enormous 15″ subwoofer. These subwoofers want further power handling and need an amplifier. These give the subwoofer the additional energy to provide the bass delivered within the music. Listed below are three of the perfect in its class;

Powered Subwoofers

I actually like powered subwoofers in a approach. They’re nice for individuals who don’t need to spend some huge cash or don’t automotive for excessive bass. A powered subwoofer has a constructed-in amplifier already and doesn’t require and exterior amplifier to energy it. They’re excellent for small vehicles and vehicles that don’t have a lot house however wish to add that extra bass to their system. Nevertheless, these varieties are subwoofers are restricted to how a lot bass they’ll produce. Beneath are a few of greatest powered subwoofers that sound the most effective for the cash.

Size of Subwoofers

These could be a essential step within the course of of shopping for an excellent subwoofer. Relying on a lot bass the person is trying to produce is necessary when selecting an 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″ and even an 18″ subwoofer. Typically time individuals could have two 10″ subwoofers or two 12″ subwoofers when trying for lots of bass that shall be seen a block or two away. So when selecting a automotive subwoofer ensure you take this into consideration and know the way a lot bass you wish to have.

Power Handling

Subwoofers are measured in RMS. Which is the advocate quantity of watts that needs to be use to correctly energy the subwoofer. For an instance, if in case you have an 800RMS 12 inch subwoofer then you definitely would wish to have not less than an 800 or excessive powered exterior amplifier to energy the subwoofer. The extra watts the subwoofer can deal with the extra highly effective bass can be produce and shake the block. All in all, when selecting a subwoofer ensure you have the right watt amplifier to energy your new greatest automotive subwoofer.

Best Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofers can carry out and sound totally different relying on the field they’re in. That’s proper the woofer alone doesn’t make all of the sound. Here’s a listing of various kinds of containers and their functions;

  • Sealed boxes are an air-tight field that delivers essentially the most correct bass for subwoofers. The bass may be very clear and clear sounding.
  • Ported boxes have a small vent carved into field as an alternative of being sealed air-tight. This gives extra output bass than a sealed woofer field would. They’re identified to ship deeper bass however not as clear and clear because the sealed bins.
  • Bandpass boxes, being the very best field for max bass slamming and automobile rattling trunk sort of bass. It’s much like a ported field however it has 2 chambers contained in the field and vent on the surface like a ported field. This allowed the sound waves to bounce of every inflicting the massive slamming bass that can be seen the following block over.

Sound Systems for Cars – Which is the very best?

Whether or not you might be searching for the very best sound techniques for automobiles and even only a low cost one, you will discover what you’re on the lookout for right here. Car sound systems are a rising market and folks love including after-market automobile programs to reinforce the expertise of music. Right here you will see that one of the best automobile system packages and offers all at your finger-suggestions.

Let’s have a look and see what a few of the prime-promoting automotive sound techniques are presently available on the market.

What to look for in one of the best car sound system

In terms of shopping for a sound system in your automobile I might recommend sticking to a reputation model manufacture or in the long term you may screw your self over. In the case of car audio systems quality and performance are the 2 single most essential elements.

Examine to see what number of Watts the subwoofer, speaker or amp is. Larger the watts are on every specific merchandise goes to extend the ability, loudness and high quality of the music.

It’s essential to have a strong sufficient amp to energy your subwoofers, audio system or each. By checking the RMS which is the advisable watts per speaker or subwoofer is, by test this will provide you with a tough thought on how highly effective your amp ought to be to energy your sound system.

Relying on what sort of sound programs you’re looking. Whether or not you’re in search of the best car speakers for bass or for the loud and crystal clear sound I counsel these properly-recognized manufacturers which have constructed a reputation for themselves.

What you need to make a complete sound system for cars

You’ll be able to both purchase a whole automotive system that comes as an all-in-one equipment or purchase every individually. In the event you actually don’t know a lot about techniques for vehicles then I’d suggest simply shopping for a full package with the whole lot included. It may be cheaper and may sound higher as a result of every little thing is made for the precise system.

  1. CD participant – After all you want a CD participant that may hook as much as your amp. All after-market amps have these hookups and most inventory vehicles which are newer do as effectively. When you’ve got a inventory Car CD player you will have to analysis the automobile mannequin and CD participant to see if it suitable.
  2. Audio system/Subwoofers – To have a superb sound system I like to recommend upgrading your inventory automobile audio system and add a subwoofer or two. For those who’re not searching for a lot bass I’d suggest one subwoofer and a decrease wattage and the very best automotive audio system to switch the inventory ones. It will make an enormous distinction within the loudness and sound high quality.
  3. Amp – It’s worthwhile to amp to energy your sound system. Once more, relying what you add akin to, upgraded door audio system, one subwoofer or two, you must discover how a lot watt you’ll want to energy all of it. Shopping for a sound system in a package deal you don’t have to fret about this. When shopping for a sound system not in a bundle that is crucial piece that makes all of it work at its greatest efficiency.

Why Buying The Best Subwoofers

There is a different acoustical landscape attached to every car. And it can really be a challenging task to achieve an excellent car audio experience. If you are looking to have a great car audio experience, a subwoofer is the ideal purchase.

The small design of car audio systems makes them unsuitable to produce such a great quality sound. But the use of subwoofers ensures that there is enough space to accommodate speakers with high definition bass and low frequency sounds.

Normal car stereos do not have low frequency sounds, but it is very present in subwoofers. The small car speakers in your car are not enough to provide an amazing frequency range that can move up to 56 feet.

It’s only a car woofer that can guarantee such wavelengths. Whatever car you own, the best way to ensure that your commute’s playlist is dramatically improved is by adding a high performance woofer in your car.

There are several benefits of buying a standard 10 inch subwoofer for your car audio.

  • Car stereos are at a disadvantage as it concerns producing more realistic and larger sounds. But car subwoofers produce rich and deep bass as well as other low frequency tones that are vital to the overall production quality of a sound system.
  • Low frequency sounds produce a degree of fullness within the music no matter how soft or loud the music is played. That is what a 10 inch subwoofer guarantees you.
  • Most car speakers cannot filter bass tones. This is why a stand alone subwoofer for bass is necessary to filter only the bass range of the music and allow other sounds to dominate as well.
  • Subwoofers can generate very low bass beats because of their frequency range capacity of 20Hz to up to 2000 Hz unlike the normal car stereo.
  • The high sensitivity of subwoofers means that they are able to convert power into sound.
  • Subwoofers offer more consistent and precise sound than the car stereo ytem
  • Also, the bass range of your music will always be longer when it is specialized to play only the bass, which is what a subwoofer does.
  • Subwoofers can be placed at strategic places in the vehicle and moved as required in order to give an ultimate sound experience unlike the car stereo that is stationed at a particular place.
  • Subwoofers are properly designed in a circular shape to prevent sound distortion. This is one of the disadvantages of using a normal car stereo in the car. But there is no such problem with a subwoofer.
  • Subwoofers have the capacity to handle low power range as well as high power range, making them ideal for any automotive stereo system.
  • Subwoofers are designed to last longer and withstand any damage to the speakers unlike car stereos that could damage as a result of vibrations of the speakers.

In Conclusion To

In conclusion, when seek for one of the best automotive subwoofer be sure to examine the specification and critiques. These audio system I’ve listed all have nice opinions as you’ll be able to test for your self by clicking the speaker hyperlinks or footage.

Hope this information aid you discover the best automotive subwoofer if not, be at liberty to e mail or go away a remark with any query you may need.

Best Car Subwoofers – Buyer’s Guide
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