Best Finger Picks for Acoustic Guitars | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you a beginner player or you’re simply tired of your fingers hurting all the time? Finger picks are a great solution that will help you achieve better tones and play more comfortably. You would be surprised to know how many people don’t want to use finger picks because they think this accessory is only suitable for beginners. The truth is, any guitar player can use finger picks, regardless of their skill level or years of experience. In fact, it is recommended to use finger picks to improve the overall quality of sound.

Playing with the flesh of your fingers does not really result in the strongest sound and, let’s be honest, it gets quite painful after a while. However, finger picks can allow you to achieve much more powerful tones with louder volume and clearer articulation. On top of that, your fingers won’t be hurting and your fingernails will remain unharmed. It’s a win-win situation no matter which perspective you look at it from. If you’re ready to try using finger picks to play your guitar or you simply need a new set, take a look at our list of five best finger picks for acoustic guitars. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about this!

#1 3x Stainless Steel Finger Picks by Tone Deaf Music

We will start off our list of reviews with the most affordable option when it comes to high quality acoustic guitar finger picks. The first product is a set of three stainless steel finger picks manufactured by Tone Deaf Music. These picks feature an open design that allows the player to get a better feel of strings and have more control over them. Enhanced control thanks to the open design will ensure a higher quality and more accurate tone.

What’s ideal about these finger picks is that they can easily be adjusted to fit anyone’s fingers. They come in one universal size that fits every player because the stainless steel can be adjusted easily by bending the metal collar. Thus, the picks can be reduced from large to medium and all the way to small size, depending on the requirement. It is also important to mention that the manufacturer is offering a lifetime of returns in case there the picks arrive damaged or flawed.

  • Open design
  • Extra control of the strings
  • Lifetime return
  • Easily adjustable
  • Strong and durable
  • Play with comfort
  • The edges are flat which might not create the highest quality sound results

#2 Jamishop Thumb and Finger Picks

Next up is a set of Jamishop thumb and finger picks that comes with a small convenient pouch that makes storage and transportation easier. The picks fit medium and small size and they are suitable for both male and female acoustic guitar players. These particular finger picks are made of celluloid, which is a durable material that provides a clear tone and significantly increases the volume of the sound.

The picks come in unique red marble color, polished to shine. It is easy to adjust them and create a custom fit that will make string picking much more comfortable. Besides improving sound quality, these picks will make it less painful to pick the strings for hours and practice your guitar playing skills. Interestingly, the package includes an instructional e-book filled with examples and advice regarding the use of these picks and different picking techniques. This is a very unique addition that you won’t get with the majority of other picks on the market!

  • The price includes a small pouch for the picks
  • Suitable for male and female players
  • Includes an instructional e-book
  • Made of celluloid
  • Improves sound quality
  • Adjustable size for a custom fit
  • Polished dark red marble
  • Not available in large size (only medium and small)

#3 SUNYIN Finger Thumb Picks

The third product on our list is the set of SUNYIN finger picks that protects your fingers and prevents painful injuries when picking your guitar for hours. These flexible finger picks allow you to comfortably pick the strings and achieve better sound effects with higher volume. The picks feature small holes for air that ensure air circulation to prevent overheating and sweating.

These picks are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. They come packaged in a suitable gift box, which makes them a great gift for guitar enthusiasts. In case there is anything wrong with the picks when they first arrive, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days. These plastic picks can provide very clear sounds and they are suitable for everyday use. The fact that they are flexible make finger picking a lot more comfortable.

  • Protects your fingers and prevents pain
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible structure
  • 30 day refund or replacement policy
  • Features air holes that prevent sweating and overheating.
  • Clear sound articulation
  • Not suitable for professional players

#4 Tupalizy Guitar Picks Set

Next up is the set of Tupalizy guitar picks that includes all essential pieces of equipment for comfortable guitar string picking. This essential kit includes six ordinary guitar picks, four finger thumb picks, 12 pieces of silicone finger picks, and one pick holder to keep it all together. The set includes a variety picks that differ in thickness and feel. The different thickness allows players to achieve different tonal effects.

The picks come in a great packaging that makes it easy to carry the set wherever you go without losing any picks. Most importantly, the finger picks are comfortable to wear and make guitar picking a lot easier. You will no longer have to worry about pain in your fingers and damaged skin on your finger tips because you will be able to pick the strings powerfully without damaging your fingernails.

  • Essential kit
  • Includes a variety of acoustic guitar pics
  • Picks differ in thickness to allow different effects and feel
  • Easy to learn playing guitar
  • Comes in a box convenient for transport
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Not tight enough to achieve very clear tones

#5 Canomo Finger Picks Essentials Set

Last but not least, we want to present the popular Canomo set of essential finger picks for guitar players of any skill level. The set includes five regular guitar picks, four medium guitar slides, and four plastic finger tips, including the thumb pick as well. This set of high quality finger picks makes guitar playing a lot more fun. It also saves your fingers and finger nails from pain and damage. The picks can fit different sizes of fingers since they are easily adjustable.

They provide a natural feel that makes it easy to pick the strings harder in order to achieve a wide range of tones, from warm to fat and clear tones. The price includes a convenient metal box for storage and transportation. The box also makes this set a great choice of a gift for guitar players. The included picks are made of celluloid and stainless steel material, which makes them durable and long-lasting. Most importantly, their structure is firm enough to provide very clear and loud tones. Let’s not forget that the manufacturer offers a great customer support service in case there are any issues with the package.

  • Set includes several different types of picks
  • Comfortable to play for hours
  • Clear, fat tones
  • Easy to store in the included metal box
  • A suitable package for gifts
  • Good customer service
  • Made of celluloid and stainless steel
  • No cons


Thanks for reading all the way till the end of our list of five best finger picks for acoustic guitars. We’ve researched every single manufacturer that’s currently offering finger picks on the market and we managed to find the five highest quality choices for guitar players of all skill levels. These finger picks will save your fingers from damage and excruciating pain caused by picking strong strings for hours. Some of the picks are made of celluloid, while some are made of stainless steel and plastic.

Depending on the material and thickness, picks can create different kind of sound effects and volume levels. We recommend trying out several kinds of picks made of different material to find out what suits your style the best. It is important to make sure that the picks you choose can be adjusted to the size of your fingers in order to get a good fit. If the picks don’t fit properly, it won’t be possible to achieve a good sound effect or even play comfortably. Once you choose your favorite set of finger picks for acoustic guitars, make sure to leave us a comment below to let us know why you chose that particular product!

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