Best Head Units For Sound Quality – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Listening to music while driving is quite a common practice but some people like to take it to the next level. If you’re one of those people who want the audio in their car to be on point, you should consider getting a higher-end head unit to boost the quality of

sound. Purchasing extra sets of speakers and even setting up amplifiers in your car may sound like a good solution but none of those will actually improve the quality of sound if you don’t have a good quality receiver.

That is why investing into a higher quality help unit is the only effective solution to improving the audio in your car. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive investment, as the market is filled with different products that vary in price and quality.

Our list of five best head units for sound quality consists a products of various prices but the one thing they have in common is quality. Take a look at the list below and choose a head unit that suits your needs!

Best Head Units For Sound Quality Comparison Table:

#1Pioneer MVH-85UB Digital Media Car Stereo Receiver4.1 Check Price
#2BOSS Audio BV7335B Single Din3.1 Check Price
#3Regetek 7" Double DIN3.0 Check Price
#4Pyle Car Stereo Receiver System2.9 Check Price
#5Sony MEX-XB120BT Single DIN4.2 Check Price

#1 Pioneer DEH-X2800 UI Single DIN In-Dash Head Unit

First up on our list is the Pioneer DEH-X2800 head unit that features both Android and iPhone support. This head unit can significantly boost the quality of sound in your car.

This single DIN in-dash CD receiver features MIXTRAX and stable USB connectivity that allows you to connect it with a mobile device. It can support devices such as iPhone, iPod and Android phones with the 4.0 system and later versions.

This in-dash head unit features a sleek and open design with a detachable face, so you can easily remove it to avoid theft. The device features an accessible display that even includes the metadata about the audio tracks that are playing at the specific moment.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that this head unit features an anti-rust design and it is quite durable in general, which means it will remain in optimum condition for a long period of time. Such durability combined with this quality of sound is truly a great deal for this price range.

#2 BOSS Audio BV7335B Single DIN Head Unit

The second head unit we chose to present you is the BOSS Audio BV7335B single DIN head unit. This head unit is 3.2 inches long and also features a detachable front panel.

It comes with a compact wireless control that allows you to easily control the device. Conveniently, the remote control can be attached as a key chain. This single DIN DVD player has a digital LCD monitor, along with a list of high quality BOSS hardware pieces.

This head unit allows you to find your favorite radio station or use the DVD/CD/MP3 player. With USB, SD and other auxiliary inputs, this unit is quite flexible in terms of connectivity options. The Bluetooth technology allows the user to easily pair up their mobile device with the unit and play music or even wirelessly stream Spotify or other programs.

By connecting the unit to a phone, you can also use it to wirelessly answer and make phone calls. On a more important note, this car head unit can be used to adjust the quality of sound and sound effects, which includes controls such as bass, treble, fader and balance controls.

On top of that, this unit features a built-in EQ, which makes it a great device for enhancing car audio.

#3 Realtek 7 Inch Double DIN Touchscreen In-Dash Head Unit

The third product on our list of best head units for sound quality is a model made by a well-known manufacturer in the audio industry. This Realtek head unit is both an MP3 audio player and 1080P video player and it shouldn’t be confused with a CD/DVD player.

This is one of the more advanced, touchscreen head units that comes with a remote control device. The device is seven inches long and four inches tall so you have to make sure it can fit your car’s dashboard before making a purchase.

In case of any issues with the process of setting up the unit, you can always contact the Realtek customer support.

Furthermore, this digital head unit is more than just a device that will provide a better quality sound. It also features a rear view camera input that allows you to connect a camera with the display.

What’s interesting about this feature is that the unit automatically switches to the HD rear view camera when the car is put in reverse. Furthermore, this unit also packs an advanced EQ and a 50w amplifier for an even more powerful sound.

It allows for hands-free calling and video streaming and it also supports steering wheel controls present in modern vehicles.

Other audio controls available with this head unit include mute controls and regulation of the treble, bass and balance of the sound.

Altogether, this digital in-dash head unit provides everything you need to get a better quality of sound and it also provides great video features that come in handy at certain times.

#4 Pyle Car Stereo Receiver System / Backup Camera Kit

We are now talking about the Pyle car stereo receiver system that includes high-end tech components, as well as a full backup camera kit.

This head unit features a wide screen LCD touch display of seven inches, as well as radio features and a CD/DVD player. The unit allows advanced and stable Bluetooth wireless streaming, as well as hands-free control when connected to a mobile device.

As an universal digital car stereo, this unit does not only provide superb quality sound but also features a high-resolution video monitor.

Unlike many head units with LCD displays, this specific unit features tilt adjustable controls, meaning you can tilt it to adjust its position.

This device does not only support backup camera connection but the price of the device even includes a full camera kit. This includes the camera and all the required installation cables made of high quality, waterproof material.

Overall, this outstanding unit combines amazing audio and video capabilities, which is why it is ranked so high on our list of top five head units for sound quality. It is important to mention that this unit operates at 4x80W power and features a screen resolution of 800×480.

#5 Sony Mex-XB120BT Single DIN In-Dash Car Stereo

Last but not the least, the fifth product on our list is the Sony Mex-XB120BT in-dash car stereo. If you’re looking for the best head unit that will provide stunning sound quality for your car, this Sony in-dash head unit is exactly what you need.

Even though this requires a bit of a larger investment, it is well worth it if you truly want the best quality of sound. This device features a built-in 4 channel amplifier, along with Bluetooth connectivity technology and voice command features.

The device doesn’t have a touch screen or any of the fancy hardware features, as the manufacturer has put more focus on the internal components to enhance the quality.

You can either pair it up with an Apple or an Android device. Either way, you can use voice commands to control the unit while driving.

The powerful amplifier integrated in this head unit provides a great bass boost, making any track come to life. The improved interface of the unit makes it quite easy to use so even if you don’t have any experience with this kind of technology, you will be able to easily understand how it works.

If the top quality of sound is what you’re looking for and you are willing to invest a bit more money to get it, this Sony car stereo head unit is the perfect fit for you, as it provides a deep, clean sound.


Ordinary head units or those that come pre-installed in vehicles are often not good enough for true music fans who want to turn the volume up while driving on the highway.

That is when the higher-end head units come to the game, providing a sharper and higher quality sound. We hope our list of the top five head units for sound quality has helped you find the right product for you, both in terms of budget and performance.

Keep in mind that all of these products come with customer support services so if there are ever any issues with the technology or the setup process, you can always contact the manufacturer to look for a solution.

Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know which of the five best head units is your favorite and which one you will be installing in your car!

Best Head Units For Sound Quality – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews
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