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Guitar Lesson 1 – Standard Guitar Tuning

Before doing the practice right a way you need to start with basic the steps. The basics include everything from single note to scales. The first article is dedicated to how to tune guitar. The following steps will guide you to standard tuning for guitar. It is the basic tune for beginner and most ...

How To Learn The Guitar Better

There’s a big question in the Guitar World that’s can be difficult to find an answer. That is how to learn to play guitar better, how to it play like my favorite band or famous guitar player?"Watching favorite "hero" playing on the scene in front of thousands of fans... That's could be my ...

Learning The Guitar – Essential Guide To Start

Some time ago I wrote an article about the goal in guitar learning which always can be achievable in practice. There I've explained that there’s nothing impossible to succeed like your favorite band or artist.There’s nothing impossible to create World-class hit songs which will be played on the ...