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Every beginner had (or will have) some ind of first musical instrument as a starting point in music practice. That first instrument stays in memories for ever no matter how funny that may look. Everyone starts with acoustic or electric guitar.

That doesn’t matter. Today I would like to review Encore guitar (acoustic) as a good starting point for beginners or everyone else looking. It’s a good, cheap and practical instrument.

Encore guitar was my first instrument when I started practicing. That was guitar with quite good sound. It was coated with Royal blue color and looked very cool. I chose the blue one, because I wanted it to look more attractive. I didn’t wanted typical standard guitar like this one here, because I wanted something different.

This article is written about Encore acoustic guitar review in details, that selling companies don’t offer.

The color of the guitar can really affect the sound. It certainly affects a lot! Expensive instruments like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Esp and many others which cost from 800 – 20.000$ all have special color and varnishes which very little impact on sound, allowing wood to resonate up to 99%. What this means is that expensive color allows wood to make natural sound with less restrictions. This is the secret of any Company. We don’t know how they do that. If you know more something about it, then it would be great for sharing with others!

As I said before, Encore acoustic guitar was Royal colored blue guitar. Despite the color the sound was pure clear and bright.

Encore has main following features:

  • Top – The laminated Spruce
  • Neck, Back and sides – Nato
  • Bridge – Rosewood (typical black fret board)
  • Machine heads – Chrome
  • Bridge – Rosewood
  • Saddle – Compensated

The instrument has no built-in preamp or pickup. Encore offers variety of instruments with or without preamp and pickups. It’s one of the cheapest guitars with good features.

Included in package:

  • Guitar;
  • Carry bag (possible to carry on the back);
  • Tutorial CD;
  • Conventional belt;
  • Few picks;

The price ~ about 100$

In other words Encore offers full guitar starter pack for about 100$. There’s everything included needed for start. The major I liked about this blue guitar was the narrow and comfortable fretboard. It allows open playing if you’re narrow-handed or you like to play fast licks. For me this was great instrument, because when I started to practice, I played a lot of solo. Now my trend is improvisation, so I and prefer narrow acoustic and electric guitar.

The big con for Encore is that the fret board tends to be solid hard. This means that you must play and press the strings harder. I had to take it to guitar master to make the fret softer. If you let it be default then your hands will hurt till they get used to it.

But that’s no the critical point. It’s average musical instrument with great, deep and bright sound. It’s good for practice and it also very loud.

!Tip: Encore Instrument that cost about 100$ sounds much better than 60$ one. Keep that in mind! That the trick of Encore

No amp is needed. I can truly say that Encore is great instrument for everyone who starts playing. You can always sell it to another beginner with no headache. It looks cool and it sounds good. If you’re looking for a good and cheap instrument, then this is well-considered choice. Before buying any musical instrument check out the article about knowing your acoustic guitar better here. It will give you a brief look what you need to know before getting right instrument.

So, let’s take a quick summary for this Encore acoustic guitar:


  • Looks great with Royal blue color;
  • Sound deep, bright and loud;
  • A convenient instrument;
  • Narrow-fret board. Allows practicing fast play and licks;
  • It’s quite light;
  • Accords to price and quality;
  • Comport playing;


  • Hard fret board;
  • Takes more power to press strings;
  • Can make hand pain faster;

Solution: take it to guitar shop to music master. He will make instrument maintenance, and fret will be much softer (costs about 20 – 30$)

This was the brief of Encore acoustic guitar. Feel free and share your own reviews and experience about your first instrument.

Have a great day!

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