Fast fret GHS Is The Best Thing!


Greetings World! Here’s the question to every guitar player…

What’s your favorite tool in the guitar practice (playing)?

Simple, but a little bit tricky question. Each one of us (musicians) may think that it is the instrument itself, Way pedal, effects processor, even “my favorite” amp or something like that. For everyone this is different. But there’s one simple tool that is very essential and that is (or must be) in every musician’s guitar accessories closet. This simple tool is called Fast Fret by GHS.

It’s very simple and very essential tool for any musician. Today I’ll tell you more about this magical “thing”!

Yes, GHS offers simple accessory which helps playing better. I’ve heard about it from my teacher that musicians love Fast Fret it all over the World. I heard that when I practiced private lessons. I agree for 100%. So, that’s why I would like tell you more about it, explain what it does and why it’s so great.

I’ve been using this GHS product for a quite long time and I’m completely satisfied with it. It’s small and it does the job pretty well. Here are the main benefits of this magical fret tool:

  • It covers frets with half slippery substance;
  • It cleans (a little bit) the surface;
  • It extends life of strings (for about 20%, but no longer);
  • It allows playing faster (that’s the biggest advantage);

It was quite unusual feeling when I first started to use it. What it really does is that it overlays the surface with some kind of oily liquid. First what comes to mind is that guitar fretboard is covered with the oil. But that isn’t oil. It’s some kind of liquid that doesn’t draw any dust, but on the contrary repulses it.

The guitar fretboard turns into slippery board which allows playing fast licks on the whole neck. When I started using Ghs Fast Fret I felt that it will disappoint me, because I had feeling that guitar’s surface is too slippy. But it makes the fret a little bit slippery and it allows working on speed. Once you try it, then it becomes the first thing that needs to be in accessories. It really helps working on “running the fretboard”, because wooden surface is quite non-slip.

“Today I can’t play without it. It seems that it managed to make some kind of dependence. Just like smoking (for some).

It’s quite simple and cheap tool. I saw it in every music shop. It costs about 5$ and it serves for a long time. I used one pack for about a year. (I covered frets every day before practice).

Fast Fret tool works with Elixir strings the best. I’ve tried to use it on GHS strings, Fender and many other strings. Elixir ones were the best (personally to me).


Because Elixir strings are covered with protective material which makes life of strings longer. Together GHS and Elixir strings works perfect. It allows practicing scales and fast repeating licks on high speed. It doesn’t affect sound of the strings! Don’t worry about that.

Watch the video here from Youtube about few musical accessories. There are plenty of chemicals, but the main product is GHS cleaner. This isn’t my personal video.

Maybe some of you will find something new here.

So, here I’ve highlighted few advantages why it’s so good and what it really does:

  • It moisturizes fretboard which allows wood lasting longer;
  • It won’t soil or stain the surface;
  • It isn’t oil which does draw dust (GHS doesn’t);
  • It helps working on speed.

Speed working is the main element how GHS fast fret can help. Of course, speed can be achieved without it. That’s no doubt. But it will help working much faster. It makes comfortable feeling while playing and it lasts for a long time.

That’s why this simple tool is so essential tool to me. It helps me playing better. It’ll help you!

I haven’t seen any alternative. This is great tool for very good price. It lasts long, and it helps!

So, I think that’s why musicians from all over the World love this small pack of magical liquid called:

Fast Fret by GHS

Ok, till next time, practice with joy!

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