Fender Mustang – What? And? Else?


Fender Mustang – brand new guitar amp series by famous Fender. Series, yes! Fender released several models based on Mustang series which is quite interesting to discuss about. It’s something new and never been before in guitar accessories market. Company has planned its strategy for a while and now you have it – Mustang amp series have gained so much popularity today. Company did a pretty good job. So, let’s see what’s Mustang and what we can get out of it.

Prepare for the ride!


It’s a brand new guitar amp models with many features included in standard package. Amps like these really make big impress. To me, there are 2 basic types in these series:

  • I to IV extend amps, which differ with power, size, weight and few programming features;
  • Mustang floor preamp with built in many programs for live performance;

The main emphasis today is dedicated to Fender Mustang II guitar amp which will be reviewed in details. Series from I to IV are quite similar which differ from each other mainly with the power, size, weight and few program features. The quality is the same, no matter if it’s junior or if it’s IV series monster.

Fender amps always have been one of the best, but the Mustang series really offer everything the young (advanced) guitarist needs to develop playing skills on tools for the affordable price.


Fender amp from Mustang series is quite affordable for beginner and intermediate player. It’s features allow practicing better and with more responsibility, because it’s quite sensitive. Yes, it’s sensitive and it shows mistakes. It also allows to experiment with music “taste”.

“Taste” is the principle in music of 3 T. It is tonality, timing and taste. “Taste” is when you play simple or advanced melody louder, quitter, faster or somewhere slower. You can rap harder or touch the string a little bit. This is the taste of the music. It can’t be explained in article, it can be felt in practice only. It’s the tiptop which comes after years of practice.

So, Fender Mustang II guitrar amp is a solid state with (combo) with built-in newest technology. It’s the same as in Fender G-DEC, but G-DEC is automated amp which adapts to guitar sound automatically. It’s cool combo box for practicing improvisation on backing track. On the contrary, Mustang allows tuning your own. I like it better, because I can experiment with higher or with lower gain, bass and treble.

Special bonuses included in pack:

  • Fuse program for PC;
  • Ableton live 8 Fender Edition;

Fuse – program for PC for finding your own amp sound with effects or not at all. You can combine everything you like, experiment with bass, treble, gain, effects and etc. The best thing you can download it to the amp and save it thru USB cable. Program comes for free!

Ableton live 8 – is a DJ program for music creation on PC. This is special light version for Fender. You can create your own beats, music, and songs and record your solo on it. It’s very powerful program and it requires some time to get familiar with it. It runs great on any OS and you’ll have no problem with it. It comes for free also as a gift!

These are the main strengths of the Fender Mustang series guitar amps. They come with many features and bonuses for a very affordable price. They are very sensitive, they will show you all mistakes and they will make you practicing better. I call these amps next step under tube ones.


How cool is it? How powerful is it? Let’s see!

Main characteristics of the amp:

  • Type: Solid State
  • Color: black
  • Power: 40W
  • Input: One
  • Line out: USB output; Headphones output
  • Cover/Grill Cloth: Carbon Tweed Textured Vinyl with Silver Grille Cloth
  • Speaker: 1-12″ Fender® Special Design Speaker 8 Ohms
  • Amplifier Weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg)
  • + 24 effects in two categories, controllers, modeling

It has everything you need for practice except line in for MP3. But it’s ok!

Fender has gone further and it offers really great combo amp for a very good price. This is perfect tool for practice. Next step for practice is one great Tube amp for sure.

Take care!

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