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Frankly, this article will not be dedicated to the guitar history from theoretical point of view, because everything can be found in books detailed for every decade guitar. It’s just a brief history where acoustic guitar came from.

Every instrument has its own unique history and it’s good to know more about it from the past. History tips can help you more in understanding any musical instrument. Don’t start your future without knowing a little bit of history. That’s the purpose of any guitar guide.

Let’s talk about the acoustic guitar history, where it came from. This article will be reviewed very simple, because I like to keep thing as simple as possible. It allows me to understand everything faster and I’m sure this method can help you also.

So, guitar as musical instrument was known before B.C. Origins are found in ancient Greece.

2 main instruments are mostly known before B.C. Those are Cithara and Kithara.

#1 Cithara :

Cithara is ancient Greek string musical instrument, but it was like younger brother of kithara with improvements in sounding. Of course, some pictures and even instruments could look different, but this is basic one from ancient ones. Cithara was developed from Greek Kithara
Kithara. Ancient guitar

#2 Kithara :

In ancient Greece guitar was called Kithara. Kithara looks something like this. It was the first and original instrument. From Kithara developed new and improved instruments. This was the beginning of the guitar

For centuries guitar has improved in assembling, wood construction and sounding

It has been found in many European countries like, Spain, Portugal, Roman Empire, Arab countries and later in America from 12-th century. Today guitars have much deliberate forms, expensive materials and correct construction for generating great sound. These instruments are expensive, but they are worth buying.

I have been once at the concert of the well-known Russian guitar player. He played acoustic and he guided everybody in the hall about interesting fact. He said that guitar is the instrument of


If we look at books and ancient records, then we can find that stringed instrument took major part in Kings and Queens ceremonies So, if those instruments were early guitars then this fact is acceptable. Guitars took part in symphony concerts as solo or rhythm accompaniment.

Today guitar (acoustic or electric) is very respectable (Nowadays, guitar is perfect for any parties. What kind of party is without a guitar?)

It’s nice to play and sing any song with mates. Remember one thing, that guitar is best way to attract girls. They love when you play and sing. The guitar can open you a way to express yourself – no matter what kind of music you play.

This was just a little review of the guitar history in general, but the main point of this article is to give a brief look that guitar (no matter acoustic or electric) is a major part of today’s stressful life. I wanted to guide you that it came from ancient Greece and how it’s “oldest brothers” where called.

You can find a lot of acoustic guitar history from Wikipedia or any music book.

Ok, I hope you got a little more from this post about guitar in general. It wasn’t much about the history of guitar, but if you like to know more then I’ve included some nice resources for you.

Respect your instrument and know a little of its history. Enjoy your guitar guide with pleasure.

Take care!

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