Guitar Lesson – Learn Guitar Basics – The Introduction

Welcome to the easy guitar basics course. This separate category is dedicated to all any level guitar players (from beginners to intermediate). Category was included to help strengthen basic guitar theory in easy steps. Theory is such a “heavy thing” that may be difficult to understand from the first sight. This easy guide will help to improve it.

Here in this category we have highlighted 13 lessons about how to learn guitar basics in building your playing skills to the new level. This course includes theory, images and conclusions at the end of every article to point out the main points of each article. Threat this as a training and your learning guide will become more exciting.

Remember, that you must do right things in right order to understand the concept of theory and achieve your goal thru practice. It’s recommended to start with the first lesson and then move to the next one. Every lesson has the meaning and it’s numbered with appropriate number. Don’t start with scales but start with the tuning.

This is free basics course for everyone interested. No fee or subscription is required. We give this knowledge for free because we think that every guitar player must know these tips. We will appreciate any feedback or comments about this guitar course. This will help us to understand your needs and make our website better.

Basics will include simple knowledge about:

  • Guitar neck;
  • Guitar tune;
  • Notes (tabs);
  • Guitar intervals;
  • Chords;
  • Scales and much more!

Enjoy reading and improve your theory. Basics is the first thing to know in guitar play. Only then move to the next step!

Enjoy this great ride!

Start with tuning the guitar here.

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