How To Learn The Guitar Better

There’s a big question in the Guitar World that’s can be difficult to find an answer. That is how to learn to play guitar better, how to it play like my favorite band or famous guitar player?

“Watching favorite “hero” playing on the scene in front of thousands of fans… That’s could be my dream!”

It always forces to take the guitar immediately and start playing right away after watching favorite video.

Of course, everybody of us has own point of view about how to practice, or just play and play until your head will overheat one day (Or until you get and injury)! In some way that’s true. To benefit you need to do a lot of practice. Practicing will help you to achieve dreams. But to do that you need to do things in right order, and then your guide will be targeted and well-considered.

Today I’ll suggest what to do to achieve your dream. For some this suggestion could be something new or maybe “some junk” that isn’t worth reading it. But there’ re just few people who share this kind of knowledge for free. Why is that? Because the most expensive things in the World are knowledge and information!

Please read these suggestions from Guitar Guide Easy resources.

Before you start learn the guitar right way, you need to have:

  • Goal;
  • Need to know basics (the starting point);

Your goal must be targeted. You can reach everything, it’s just up to you. You just need to do things in right order. Every guitar learning starts with goal and basics. Playing guitar is just like other things in the World, like education, job, willing to earn a lot of money or buying expensive cars, Real Estate and so on.

Goal nr. 1.

If we speak about the goal then you need to think what you are willing to achieve. If your goal is to play with friends, sing some songs and play guitar just for soul (on the local stage), then your goal is targeted. To achieve this level you need to play a lot and learn guitar a lot, for example, acoustic or electric guitar every day, basics, guitar chords, melody, guitar theory (the more the better) and hundreds of other songs. You need to invest time in practice and you’re ready to go. You will attract girls and small audience and you will be in the center of focus. After some time your goal will be achieved.

Goal nr. 2.

Another goal is to be known and famous in whole World, like Metallica, Santana, etc. Is it achievable? Is it possible to go down in history where your songs will be played on the radio for 100 of years and people will love them?

Yes, this goal is real and it’s possible!

Here’s the guide that you need to take into account!

Goal can be (ALWAYS):

  • Guitar goal 1 – It is achievable!
  • Guitar goal 2 – It may be your destiny!
  • Guitar goal 3 – It may be worth to invest time in it!

Got, that? It isn’t so complicated. Point out these facts in your mind and follow next ones. This guide will help you better to understand what you’re willing to achieve. They will help you learn the guitar right way.

Right down 4 main facts to reach your goal. Here’s the basic knowledge where to start:

  • Time date – Time date (when you willing to achieve it – after 5 years, 10 years or faster);
  • Priority of the life – Is this what you’re willing to do (is it your main goal with no job, friends, other hobbies, even family);
  • Guitar goal – Is this goal acceptable;
  • Real goal – And most of all is it REAL!

Every goal is REAL! There’s nothing that can’t be achieved. You need to point out priorities and invest your time in them.

No, I’m not telling you to prioritize only guitar practice in 1. place and nothing else! You need to consider yourself, what are the main things what you’re willing to do in your life!

People are flying in the Space right now, they have reached the Moon, so please don’t tell me that this all is bullsh…t! If you can arrange everything inside your head first, then your work will bear “fruits” later. Think of it long term. Don’t think that you will achieve this goal in 5 years. (There can be exceptions!). Everything is possible. If you’re ready to defer everyday routine to second point, then you can reach World Famous Name for years!

That’s how it’s recommended to threat to guitar. If you want to learn the guitar and play like a GOD, then think of it in new direction!

Ok, for the summary let’s just point out the main factors for today:

  1. Every action needs to have goal.
  2. Your goal must be targeted.
  3. Goal needs to have a date when it must be achieved.
  4. There’s nothing impossible!

Hope that this article gave you the new idea why you play the guitar and what you would like to achieve. Hope that this guitar guide makes any sense and helps you. Learn to play guitar much better and be more then average boy/girl with the stringed instrument.

For more where to start practicing, check out learning from scratch.

Have a great day and take care!


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