Learn Guitar Play Without Bad Habits

There’re always bad habits that disturb us from focusing on certain things. No matter what we do – learn guitar play, study or work at the job, there’s something following us and it really affects future results. Here I’m talking about bad habits that are always present when we want to do proposed.

If we talk about guitar playing, then these bad habits are such as TV watching (most popular), drinking beer, or surfing on the internet and so on, while our practice. What I would like to tell you today is try to explain, why it’s very important to avoid doing two things at the same time. Maybe you can shoot two rabbits with one shot (sometimes), but if you really want to learn to play the guitar right way, then you must understand few simple points, because you won’t find these tips elsewhere on the internet. It comes from personal experience. Our personal guitar guide will help you in understanding what are bad habits and how to avoid them.

Don’t do anything else while learning or guitar practice!!!

If your playing usually goes in the morning or at the evening, then please don’t turn on the TV and let it disturb you from the focus! Watching TV and playing is so popular today, but it’s also such a big mistake that will not bring you results you want.

I was doing the same some time ago. I wanted to make my playing guide more interesting. Guitar practice lasts very fast when the TV is running. For example, 2 hours fly like in minutes. It’s quite interesting and effective to spend 2 and more hours while learning to play guitar. But is it really good?

You need to focus on what you’re doing. If you want to learn new licks, understand better theory and strengthen your skills, then you need to focus on that and not anything else at the same time.

If you’re doing theory, then read it, follow lessons, and try to apply everything on the guitar (scales, intervals, chords and so on). Don’t read theory and watch TV or even drink something alcoholic. You will waste your time and you’ll be disappointed soon. I’m telling you, because it will happen and soon you’ll realize that spent time and work isn’t getting you results that you want. Mostly it leads to end of the career. That’s why it’s important to understand this guide.

Why it happens? Simple – because you’re doing things wrong way! If you think that this isn’t true, then why are you reading so far?

I’ve seen many guitar players who play quite good and they even manage to climb to finals in the competition. They play simple guitar licks using pentatonic or blues scales. It good to play simple things, but today it’s not enough. When it comes to play something new on whole neck using melodic minor Lydian #5, then they don’t know it. (What is it?). It means that your theory and practice skills are only on the basic level. If you don’t know melodic, harmonic, whole tone, or half tone scales then you’ll loose. And even if you’ve played pentatonics, major and minor licks for 10 years and your playing technique is quite good, then that can be not enough. This feeling can lead to big disappointment that 10 or more years of hard work was a waste of time.

It’s life and it’s the way it is. I hope that you’re not one of these people…

So, what we need to do then? Just remember few simple points.

Focus on one and plan your guitar play learning

There’re few days in the week when I’m doing my playing along with the audio record, for example –

Frank Gambale – Chop builder

I’m doing it 2 times a week. It really improves playing technique, knowledge skills, strength and stretch.

Next, I’m doing the theory course 2 times a week. Once in a week I play and sing to develop my guitar ear. And remaining two days I’m doing playing along with the backing track or with the band. All week I’m focusing on learning to play guitar, but not watching TV, or surfing on the internet. It doesn’t matter how long you play (for hour or two). It’s better to play for 1 hour, then playing and TV watching for three.

You can plan your practice in different way as long you’re focused on your practice and nothing else. Study theory, talk with other musicians, participate in competitions and combine various music styles into one. In some time your playing will grow and all hard work will pay off.

Just avoid bad habits and enjoy what you’re doing and then your guitar guide will pay you in double.

Ok, now it’s up to you. If you would like to share your experience how you learn to play a guitar and what you’re doing, then there will be my pleasure to hear it from you.

Take care!

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