Learning The Guitar – Essential Guide To Start

Some time ago I wrote an article about the goal in guitar learning which always can be achievable in practice. There I’ve explained that there’s nothing impossible to succeed like your favorite band or artist.

There’s nothing impossible to create World-class hit songs which will be played on the radio every day. This must be in every guitarists first place and it is worth to invest your time and effort in learning the guitar right way.

Ok, let it be that we have the goal to be number one. No matter what your goal is, there’s next big question – Where’s the beginning? What to do next? This is big obstacle where a lot of players can fall into trap and practice the wrong way. You see, everything in this World starts with scratch, then it grows and grows, later it starts bringing results.

For example, take a look to the big 200 year old Oak-tree. It didn’t just appear in that place yesterday; it has grown from scratch – from small seed. Seed was the basis of that big tree which grew up for many years and today it is one of the oldest and biggest local trees. It never stopped for growing; Oak-tree was growing everyday till it achieved its sizes.

Everything starts with something with basics. No matter if it’s guitar playing, business or anything else. To learn to play guitar right way you need to start with easy guitar basics. They are fundamental that needs to be known first. You can’t start playing without knowing basic things. This is the correct every players guitar guide that needs to be done first.

Here’re fundamentals where to start from scratch:

1. Knowing guitar notes on fretboard (where are white tones, sharps and flats)


2. Knowing guitar chords (major, minor, non-chords, dim, e.t.)

3. Knowing how to build chords (the structure)

4. Pentatonics. Understanding what is guitar pentatonic scale

5. Knowing guitar scales (major and minor, harmonic, melodic, diminished and whole tone)

6. Knowing guitar intervals (what are they and what they do)

These are simple basics that need to be known first. If you’re familiar with them, then congratulations, you’re on the right track! If anything from said above is something unheard or unknown, then stop and go back one step. Invest some time to learn the guitar from scratch them, because one bright day you might realize that you’re doing something wrong and you have no ideas. Or the worst thing is that you can get lost in improvisation or rhythm playing. Your music teacher or internet resources can help you in own practice.

Basics aren’t complex, but they can take some time to fully understand them. understanding them will guide you easy in learning guitar right way, and you’ll have no question how to do that. If you know simple scales, then you can move to modes which can refine your playing with some bluesy, jazzy, western, bright, strained, melodic, harmonic and even classical sound. Many guitarists learn and play simple things all life. Sometimes playing three juicy notes from the scale can be better then guitar shredding on high speed. Remember, to do things in right will guide your progress much faster and better.

Once again every guitar guide starts from scratch. Don’t start start building your house from the roof, but do it from the base.

Hope that after reading this post you have better understanding of how to learn the guitar right way!

Here’s separate category that includes simple basics. This is a free course that will help you finding answers to simple questions.

Practice wisely! Good look!

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