Learning The Guitar Versus ALCOHOL!

In our blog we like to share real tips and personal experience about learning the guitar in easy and effective, because telling how it’s in the real life, isn’t something that somebody will share with each other, especially on the internet. Yes, we like to share our own experience, because this is our goal and that’s why Guitar Guide Easy blog (G.G.E) is about.

So, what we like to discuss in this article, is about taking any kind of alcohol while the practice. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink – bear, whiskey or any other. It doesn’t matter at all! What does matter is why we share these interesting tips. Our job is to share them and you’re the one to decide further what to do.

Why alcohol and guitar? Because It hard to find something similar on the internet or any guide. You can find it only sharing with other musicians.

Learning to play the guitar it like your favorite hero is quite tough job. It requires a lot of work and a lot of time. Sometimes your hands start to ache, and your head can explode any time (when you’re doing the theory course). Learn guitar licks and resort them in own playing is really tough job. In other words, it is “black work” that lasts for several years.

Doing this easier way is to use, for example, a bear while practice. Bear is good drink that most of us like. It’s an easy drink that “goes” good.

I used to do it over (sometimes), but now I do it rarely. I’ve realized that this isn’t bringing me results that I want. You see guitar learning isn’t sport that requires physical strength, reliability, speed and flexibility. You don’t need to run fast with your musical instrument or throw it like a javelin. Speed and flexibility in hands must be to play fast and precisely (no doubt), but that’s different apart from sport activity.

Your brain always focuses on every activity what you’re doing. It also applies when you learn guitar. You may not realize it, but the brain is one that creates “hand Memory” and the memory of all scales, chords, licks, tips and so on. You can learn everything while taking alcoholic drinks in the guitar practice lessons, I’m not forbidding you, and I’m not your mother. But after that always comes feeling like:

“Ahh, I’ll just play my favorite licks, or some chords, or play something along with the backing track! I don’t want to learn anything new today!!!”

It’s Ok, if you don’t want to learn theory from music book. Sometimes I don’t want to do it also. But I have realized that there’s something missing in my playing, something different from that I use to play at this time. And then comes awful feeling that I have spent several years of my life to learn to play guitar like my favorite player, but I didn’t pass over simple pentatonics, major and minor scale. I don’t know how to play over Dm7 or Cmaj or even dim chord with several exotic scales. My playing is poor and there’re guys who play like Yngwie Malmsteem.

It’s not the alcohol fault, but it’s the fault of not willing to learn hard theory and experiment with licks. Alcohol just “softens brain focus” and makes doing usual things, not focusing on “getting deeper” into music.

You see, it all depends on your goal. If you want to reach high level in your playing and learn it real way, then you must do it everyday with all your efforts. It’s like making next step on the ladder.

First step is really easy to reach, second is a little bit harder, third one harder than previous one and so on. Every next step is much difficult to achieve then previous. And it all depends on the work that you’re doing (and how you’re doing it) everytime.

And that’s taught. You need a lot of patience to learn the theory and use it in your practice. Doing this with help of friend bear will only throw you back to previous step and you’ll be average musician with the musical instrument.

And that’s what I wanted to tell you today. Once again I’m not forbidding you to refuse from taking some bear while practice. It’s you who decides what is good and what sucks for you. Try drink and learn something complicated! If you can do it, then please share your experience with others!

My goal is to play quite good and amaze audience with interesting melodies. It requires knowing and understanding theory a lot and experimentation with the practice. I can’t do it with the bear, because it “turns-off” my brain and I don’t want to do anything else.

Alcohol really helps in playing and singing simple songs with the gang and attracts girls, but it throws back and doesn’t provide results you want if you want to be successful one day. Remember simple formula:

80/20 where 80% of result is from 20% of work!

Yes, we don’t need to spend a whole day to gain mastery, but we need to do it with all efforts, even if it takes less than an hour. We need to do it the best way we can and we need to prioritize our dreams. We need to keep focusing on how to learn to play the guitar and do it the best way we can!

It’s the philosophy of Robin Sharma – one of the successful book writers in the World, how to gain successful business and personal life!

With alcohol – you don’t focus on this!!!

Hope that our tips will give you an idea how to gain best results. If you like, please share Guitar Guide Easy with your friends!

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