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Today I would like to cover one of the basic factors in practice that help to gain the result much quicker. Everyone of us have own tools or effect accessories that help us practice better. It doesn’t matter what kind of, it can be distortion pedal, processor or Wah Wah pedal. These tools are important, but an experienced player can play without any of these.

The essential tool for any practice that will always help in gaining much faster – is good old Metronome.

Guitar Metronome – an integral tool

Metronome is the basic guitar accessories tool that every player must have in his collection. (This one above is cheap Korg Metronome MA-30 which is available almost in any musical store). I’ve seen many guitarists playing on the streets and on stage with one common mistake. They all play well; they even play complex melody arcades. But while listening to their play, I became bored. I was bored while listening to their music, because something was wrong. The rhythm was unequal; it was like a car engine that twitches every time, making a big headache. The same was with the rhythm.

Advanced players know how to combine, for example, 8-note and 16-note rhythm and that makes sound more interesting. But rhythm combination usually runs on the 4/4 basis.

(One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four…)

This is the 4/4 timing. The basic time period which is basic and most popular in the World.

How does Metronome help?

• It allows feeling the rhythm more precisely;

• It helps progressing quicker;

• It makes music playing fluently;

• It trains hearing (musical groove, rhythm);

• Builds up speed (everything starts from slow);

• Helps learning favorite song or melody much faster!

Metronome is the main guitar tool in every guitarist’s armory. Without it the practice is waste of time. If you have no rhythm feel and groove, then no one will want to listen to music you’re playing.

Sometimes it’s better to play few notes with tasty groove that rocks whole crowd in Arena, then playing thousands notes with no rhythm at all.

It doesn’t mean that today or tomorrow you must use it every time you’re on the practice –


Practice about 3 times a week with guitar Metronome for 30 minutes or an hour. That will do enough!

Use Korg Metronome or old one like in image below. This was used in Music School. Maybe it still is used in nowadays.

It doesn’t matter which unless it makes “tick tack” rhythm.

I use Korg Metronome every time I want to:

• Learn new complex song;

• Practice scales;

• Build speed;

• Combine chord playing with the melody.

Metronome helps in speed building. Every speed starts from slow. Mastering slow speed, next comes fast and even guitar shredding. On slow speed your fingers get use to playing and on fast speed they run automatically and accurately. Playing slowly your fingers feel every move and touch. It forces them to play precisely, and after some time they do it automatically on every speed.

It’s a cheep tool and it can be found in every local music store. It cost about 10 – 20$ and is easy to use. If you haven’t got one then get it as quick as possible and start practicing with it.

Remember that rhythm or timing is the basic element in the music. Don’t waste your time practicing complex playing without the feel of the groove. Use, for example, Korg Metronome or any other and progress much faster.

Take care!

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