Royal Gibson Guitar Is The King


Greetings, World! Surfing on the internet I didn’t found much information about how does specific guitar sound like. Ok, we can find demo that we want, for example, on Youtube, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Of course, best of all is to listen to the instrument at the local music store (and try it), because the salesman will tell you about specifics and will demonstrate his playing skills. It’s the best way to feel the guitar.

Here I will try to explain about how does Gibson guitar sounds like. This guide will provide additional info about its specifics. This will be informative for beginners and for advanced players.

Today I would like to tell you in simple words about the Gibson standard guitar. It’s not custom, or specific model, but just general review about this Brand.

The Gibson is one of my favorites form “Big Three”

Once again, here’re my favorite brands:

  • Fender;
  • Gibson;
  • Ibanez;

I’ve chosen these three World-known Brands, because of their individual and unique sounding and, of course, construction/price. None of these instruments looks the same to each other; each is perfect in its own way. Every guitar has own form, material and even soul. I don’t know why, but it’s just the way it is.

As I mentioned before these are 3 big giants in general Guitar World. They have been for many years and are known. Many of these brands are used by great musicians such as Eric Clapton, Slash, Satriani, Gambale and others. I’ll make a Gibson electric guitar review and tell why it’s so unique.

Let’s begin!

Gibson standard is the King of overdrive!

Gibson history is known from early 1856. It was born in United States. Gibson definitely is KING of the overdrive sound. If you listen closely to it, then it sounds Royal. It’s also great on clean tone with very soft and tender sound. It is the oldest Brand in the World from 19-th century. It counts to be best in the World (but that’s not my personal opinion). But this musical instrument is most uncomfortable to play among other guitars. Of course, expensive custom Gibson guitars are constructed for best playing whereas average class guitars are like wooden boards.

The sound of Gibson is indescribable. If you’re a beginner looking for first musical instrument then it is perfect start. You can choose one between 300$ to 500$, because expensive instruments are more sensitive in playing. It doesn’t matter if you choose standard of LesPaul. But don’t take expensive one (starting from 800$), because it will show you all your playing mistakes and soon this can leave to feeling that very expensive musical instrument doesn’t sound good. (It sounds like a mess). For beginner I recommend average class guitar for about 300$ to 500$. This is perfect start, because any expensive instrument requires good playing skills.

Gibson is used by major World-class stars like Slash, Metallica, ZZ Top and many others. They all record their songs in studio with only professional well-branded studio like instruments.

One thing I can say – Gibson will not let you down ever!

Gibson owns and releases other brands (also quite known). These brands are subsidiary companies.

Gibson subsidiary company brands

Here’s the list of subsidiaries:

  • Baldwin
  • Epiphone
  • Kalamazoo
  • Kramer
  • Maestro
  • Slingerland
  • Steinberg
  • Tobias
  • Valley Arts
  • Wurtilizer

All these brands are owned by Major Gibson Company. There’re not bad, every guitar has own sounding and characteristics. If you choose one of these instruments then it will be OK. Of course all mentioned brands offer cheap and expensive instruments. They’re used by many successful musicians and bands (Tomi Iommi from Black Sabbath, Ritchie Sambora, Eddie Van Halen etc.).

If you’re looking for a great instrument from one of these then you must check out many resources and definitely check them out in the local music store also.

Hope the this electric guitar review has helped you in choosing your own instrument. But all I can say – Gibson will never let you down.

That’s it about the Gibson standard guitars and its subsidiaries! Find your own and practice with joy!

Till next time!

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