Types Of Acoustic Guitars – Knowing Instrument Better


The acoustic guitar – beautiful and royal musical instrument. Every player must have it in collection. Why is that? Because you can play it everywhere, you don’t need amplifier or some accessories that needs electric one. This article will take a acoustic guitar review and also we’ll see what types are available.

Acoustic one allows playing and singing with people around you even if you’re outside on shiny day. But to be honest, every player must know to play acoustic and only then electric. This instrument will teach you basics and the playing itself. So, it’s good to know something more about this musical instrument. This guide will provide what types of guitars are today.

Acoustic one is made of wood (like electric guitar) and has empty room inside its body. The empty camera in the body creates sound strumming strings. That’s the main element of it.

It’s much wider then electric one. For beginners this difference in width makes unusual feeling, but that’s ok. In time you’ll get used to it. Just keep practice.

This article will cover what types of acoustic guitar exist in the World, but, first, let’s review the guitar from simple point of view.

Acoustic guitar is Royal Musical Instrument

One reason I like, is that acoustic guitar doesn’t need any amp. You can take it, place on your feet and play some beautiful melody. Play and sing and feel free. Free of the World and all that rush outside. It takes you to another dimension.

As any string musical instrument, guitar is made of wood. It can be single wood or it can be made from multiple wood parts, it doesn’t matter – the sound is quite likewise. Some cheaper guitars can sound a little bit worst then expensive ones. Really well constructed instrument with divine sound, including built-in expensive electronics and built from old-expensive wood parts starts form about 1000$ to 1500$.

That price instrument is studio like and it will sound divine. Lower-class guitars sound different, so you can choose one you like. read the difference in next guitar guide and you’ll have better understanding between various instruments.

Some time ago I didn’t really understood what kind of difference is between acoustic and classical guitar and other guitar-like instruments. Well, there’s not much. I’ll explain and make an review in simple steps. There many types of acoustic guitar, but the principle is one – they all sound natural.

The difference is very simple

First you need to know that there are two main categories –

  • acoustic;
  • classical;

Second, all other instruments who look similar (Picasso, Harp, Banjo, Guitar lute and Russian) to guitar, but they all are just string novelty instruments.

Acoustic guitar

This is steel stringed instrument. It can be:

  • twelve-string,
  • Battente,
  • Archtop,
  • Lyre

or any another guitar type as long it has steel strings. It’s good for chord playing by pick or hand. Acoustic guitar makes metallic bright sound which is very extensive. It’s perfect for singing and accompaniment. Personally, I like steel stringed more than nylon one. My style of playing applies to this instrument, because I play with pick mostly.The sound is tuneful and metallic-like. It’s the best for a background.

Classical guitar

Guitar type instrument with nylon strings. It can be lighter then acoustic and sound more gently (more intellectually) and not so severe. It’s meant more for fingerstyle playing. The most popular and known is Flamenco guitar. If you like playing chords and the melody at the same time, then classical guitar could be perfect instrument. I really don’t like the strumming sound by hand or pick. It’s like drubbing strings which sound not large enough. This guitar is related more to fingerstyle playing. It’s quite soft and with pleasant sound. It isn’t as sonorous as acoustic guitar and for this reason it allows combining chord+melody playing. It’s perfect for Apoyando and Tirando techniques.


And that’s about types of guitars review! Other are just novelty string instruments.

Hope, that this guide makes sense about guitar types. If you’re searching for right instrument, then this was the main difference.

Take care, and practice!

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