Vox Night Train Drives Insane


Juicy warm real tube tone… That’s what we, guitarists, dream of when we play the guitar. It’s a warm honey like tone that forces guitar to sing. There’s nothing in this World that can deliver “live” juicy sound like the real tubes.

But, as we know, these kinds of amps are quite expensive and often have large dimensions. They are heavy and require a lot of volume to “show its real sound potential”. It’s ok to practice at the studio with a lot of gain and power, but no way at home (in some case). So, legendary Vox has presented something that can help us in this situation. Here’s the brand new amp the Night Train by Vox that can solve (and it does) issues like large dimensions, heavy weight and real tube tone into one compact decision.

So, I would like to introduce and share reviews with you today about the Vox Night Train tube amp.

Vox Night Train nt15h

Here is it! The little monster called “Night Train” that came to help. It’s a head amplifier. Real tube “thing” in compact solid state, chrome mirror-finished body that really inspires from the first sight. It looks like expensive cool-looking investment without any cheap plastic hardware. (The body tells that it isn’t ordinary solid state one for about 200$). It’s Vox Night Train amp with real tubes.

I think that guitarists have been waiting for this quite a long time, because we need something very quality, but also quite compact. We need something that can be taken anywhere. Personally to me, guys from Vox understood that and presented this wonderful amp.

It delivers very warm tube sound. It’s has classical Vox rock tone from 80’s. It’s perfect for rock, blues, also hard rock, funk, soul and clean music styles. It’s very sensitive, it shows all playing mistakes. It requires only experienced player to work with. It will disappoint any beginner or middle-class player, because it requires pretty good playing skills.

Vox Night Train head is built on 2x12AX7 and 2xEL84 power tube basis. It’s pure Vox tone and nothing else.

What it can do?

It’s very light, and it can be taken anywhere. You can practice on it at home, record at the studio, or play in front of little audience. A lot of people say that this amp can be used to play along with the band, but personally I think that it can’t be that loud to play along with the drummer or bass player. It’s only 15w tube amp, that doesn’t have enough power for live performances (but that’s only my opinion).

It delivers classical Vox rock sound and warm clean tone. You can place it in your bag and carry it where ever you want.

It can be connected to any cabinet. It has 8 and 16 ohm outputs, so any guitar cabinet will do. It has its own Vox cabinet for separate purchase (model V112 1×12 guitar cabinet).

V112 1×12 cabinet is designed specially for Vox Night Train head amp, because it builds form components intended for Night Train. Cabinet has G12M speaker for sought-after tone.

Together Vox amp and cabinet makes combo and delivers great classical tone.


It has 2 playing modes –

  • Pentode;
  • Triode;

Pentode – selects full power of 15w and delivers extensive sound. It’s more for live performance, high gain and powerful sound. (But it also reduces tubes life).

Triode mode – cuts power to 7.5w and delivers smooth warm sound (a little bit thicker), which is perfect for studio record, harmonics and for creating a “taste” in music. It also relaxes tubes and in this mode you can play much longer.

Vox Night Train 15 has built in preamp. Its bass, middle and treble knobs allow to experiment with the sound. You can select cleaner, funk, blues, rock or heavy rock tone. It has no effects or presets, so it needs to be adjusted manually.

Volume and gain knobs also allow adding higher or thicker tone.

And that’s it! It’s real tube amp with simple features, and it delivers real juicy sound. Cable power, bag and speaker cables are included in pack.

Personally I think that this is one of the best alternatives to huge Vox tube amps with similar features. The Night Train has the same technology and is very compact. It can be combined with any gain pedals, or effect processor. You can get any sound of it.

The one big minus for this amp – it isn’t so powerful.

But that’s forgiven. It’s worth trying. Definitely, check out this great Vox amp.

Check out few videos and make your choice. It’s worth investing.

Take care!

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